Parkell unveils pulp vitality tester

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Parkell has introduced Digitest 3, a pulp vitality tester designed to help dentists identify the cause of a patient's discomfort in tricky cases.

Digitest 3 electrically stimulates the tooth to test for vitality, offering a useful diagnostic tool when percussion, ice, heat, and radiographs don't provide enough information for dentists to identify the source of the patient's pain, according to the vendor.

The system has a single-button control and can be programmed to accommodate personal-setting preferences for every dentist. It includes four autoclavable probes to provide access to all tooth surfaces, Parkell said.

The Digitest 3 pulp vitality tester. Image courtesy of Parkell.The Digitest 3 pulp vitality tester. Image courtesy of Parkell.
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