Endodontics Insider: Regenerative endo treatments show promise in trial

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Root canal treatment is the hallmark of endodontic practice, but a small, randomized trial out of Egypt showed that regenerative procedures could be a viable alternative in some cases.

In the 20-patient trial, two types of regenerative procedures demonstrated success for mature necrotic anterior teeth with large periapical lesions. Learn more about the types of endodontic procedures and the promising patient outcomes in this edition's Insider Exclusive.

Also new in the Endodontics Community, researchers are cautioning dental professionals to think twice before prescribing antibiotics for patients with prosthetic joints ahead of endodontic and other types of invasive dental procedures. Their study of a British population found no significant relationship between invasive dental procedures and subsequent joint infection.

Is cold saline the key to less pain after root canals? Using a cold saline solution as a final irrigating agent during root canal treatment may reduce patients' postoperative pain, according to a study in the Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice. Intracanal cryotherapy may be most effective the day after root canal treatment, the authors concluded.

A study in the Journal of Endodontics is flagging the importance of distinguishing between lateral periodontal cysts and odontogenic keratocysts in lesions appearing on radiographs with gum swelling. The two have similar clinical and imaging appearances, but the keratocyst is aggressive, with a high rate of recurrence.

Finally, a radical vapor reactor showed potential as a new sterilization technique for endodontic files and other dental instruments, according to a study in the February issue of Process Biochemistry. The reactor eliminates germs by producing high levels of reactive oxygen species. It may be a quick, low-cost way to sterilize instruments in packing bags.

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