Troikaa introduces lidocaine lozenge for endoscopy

Troikaa Pharmaceuticals has introduced Xynova Endo, a lidocaine lozenge for customized endoscopy procedures.

The product is useful for anesthetizing a patient's oral cavity or mouth during endoscopic procedures, according to the company.

The lozenge, which is mounted on a unique holder like a lollipop, releases the lidocaine along with a bioadhesive that makes the anesthetic agent stick to the oral mucosa and numbs it within 10 minutes, the company said.

The lozenge is completely soluble, leaves no undissolved residue, and provides a clear field of vision, Troikaa said. It should only be sucked, not swallowed, broken, or chewed, the company noted.

"The formulation developed for this drug is unique," said Ketan Patel, managing director of Troikaa Pharmaceuticals, in a press release. "Lower patient discomfort makes the procedure easier for both the patient and the doctor."

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