Third of Irish dental patients would choose sedation

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A third of dental patients in Ireland would consider sedation for procedures such as fillings and extractions, because of their fear of going to the dentist, according to a news report published in the Digital Journal.

In a survey commissioned by the James Clinic and conducted by Google Survey, researchers found that 32.5% of patients would choose to be sedated, while 42.7% stated they would not like to be sedated, 16.6% said they would need to find out more, and 8.3% said they weren't sure.

The survey also found that more women (49%) than men (39%) would like to receive sedation. In addition, 16.2% of respondents said that having dental sedation would "change the way they viewed their dentists and future appointments," the Digital Journal reported.

"It's important to make people feel relaxed before they go to the dentist and during a procedure, and that's why there are options like dental sedation to erase any worries and anxieties and make people feel calm," stated James Clinic Founder and Director Dr. James Hiney in the story. "It's great for the patient, and us, as we can get on with the work without any disruptions."

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