Orofacial Pain Insider: This drug-desensitizer mix may cut post-whitening pain

Melissa Busch.
Melissa Busch.

Dear Orofacial Pain Insider,

With the first month of 2024 coming to an end, everyone is busier than ever and juggling to keep up with it all. DrBicuspid.com is here to help, so we’re bringing you the latest orofacial pain news in this Insider.

This Insider’s new stories focus on multiple topics, including a possible remedy for tooth sensitivity and a new strategy for reducing opioid prescribing.

In our latest story about analgesics, a new study published on January 22 in the Journal of the American Dental Association revealed that giving a nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drug combined with a desensitizing agent to patients prior to bleaching may be effective in reducing tooth sensitivity and pain. You can ready more about the study in our Insider Exclusive.

Meanwhile, researchers at Griffiths University in Australia are testing a new tool that can numb a dental patient for up to 20 minutes without using needles. This innovation may be a game changer for those who skip the dentist due to the fear of local anesthesia injections.

Then, sometimes, a broken tooth is really the pits, like in the case of a New Jersey man who ended up on the losing side of a state appeals court ruling. Find out why the court overturned a decision to award the man money for his broken tooth.

Finally, a clinical trial revealed that a few simple changes, like personalized communications and guidance, may reduce high-dose opioid prescribing and possibly prevent fatal overdoses.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy reading this Insider.

Melissa Busch
Associate Editor 

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