AP report: Dental students took selfie with severed head

Graduate dental students took a selfie with two severed heads used for medical research during a training workshop at Yale University in New Haven, CT, in 2017, according to a February 5 Associated Press (AP) report. The image also included a University of Connecticut (UConn) orthodontics professor.

In the image, seen but not published by the AP, Flavio Uribe, DDS, and some graduate students are looking at the camera while others continue to work. Dr. Uribe told the AP he was teaching students how to place screws in cadaver heads when someone took a photo.

Dr. Uribe is an assistant professor and program director in the division of orthodontics for UConn Health in Farmington, CT. He is also a visiting associate professor at the Yale School of Medicine.

Both universities have taken steps to ensure similar incidents won't happen again, according to officials. Yale officials said they are improving oversight at such events and making participants sign an ethical standards contract, the AP reported.

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