Dentistry shocker on reality TV, plus the week's most-read articles

Kevin Henry.
Kevin Henry.

DearDrBicuspid Member,

Hello from the Florida Dental Association meeting in Orlando! I'm excited to present four courses here this weekend to dentists and dental team members while also representing If you're in Orlando this weekend (and not visiting the mouse), please be sure to say hi.

If you haven't noticed, I love generating content through podcasts. Whether it's "The Podcast" (check out this episode on buying a dental practice), my "Dental Assistant Nation" podcast (which is the longest-running podcast devoted to these amazing team members), or any of the others that I host, I find podcasts give listeners an insight into someone's personality, and they allow me to dive deeper into a topic (and have a little bit of fun at the same time).

Such was the case on a recent episode of the "Chew on This" podcast that I host with my dear friend Teresa Duncan, who is well-known in dentistry as an insurance expert. Teresa and I always have a blast doing these podcasts, and we each bring a different side to whatever stories we are tackling. Such was the case recently when we talked about the reality TV show "OutDaughtered," in which a $35,000 price tag at the dentist brought sticker shock to new heights. Was the sticker shock simply a matter of needing to communicate with the patient better? Teresa and I discuss that, as well as the perils of DIY dental work, featuring cringeworthy tales of unlicensed veneer techs botching smiles with alarming frequency.

We even share amusing anecdotes about tooth fairies with peculiar features and parenting woes that make you grateful for a solo car ride. Check out our discussion below, and make sure you're subscribed to all of the podcasts listed above wherever you get your podcasts.

This week's must-read stories from

Is there a problem with the American Dental Association's periodontal therapy guidelines? A recent letter to JADA said they were outdated and need to be fixed, so is there cause for concern?

When it comes to complete dentures, CAD/CAM milled acrylic resin teeth may outperform prefabricated artificial teeth, according to a new study.

Will artificial intelligence (AI) be part of the standard of care in dentistry soon? An AI leader told us he believes that will happen within the next three years.

Need another reason to be talking about overall and oral health in your practice? A study says postmenopausal declines in reproductive hormone levels may contribute to reduced kidney function, potentially leading to chronic kidney disease and tooth loss.

In legal news, the California Dental Association has decided to appeal a judge's decision to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Delta Dental of California.

Finally, if you need another reason to eat breakfast before you leave the house, regularly skipping breakfast may be linked to periodontitis prevalence, according to a large study.

Wrapping it up

As always, thank you for reading On behalf of my fantastic editorial team, I wish you a relaxing and healthy weekend ahead.

Kevin Henry
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