What you need to know about drug testing in the dental practice

I am excited to announce that our friends at Bent Ericksen & Associates have launched a podcast dealing with all things human resources-related for the dental practice.

The people behind Bent Ericksen & Associates (including Tim, Adrienne, and Alan Twigg) have been great to work with in the past and have been tremendous resources for DrBicuspid.com readers in the past. They have contributed to DrBicuspid on articles ranging from answering questions about violence in the dental workspace to vaping policies, and their sage advice has helped countless dental professionals.

Now, with "The Dental HR Podcast" becoming a reality, there is another way to learn about all things HR-related when it comes to dentistry. I personally want to thank Bent Ericksen & Associates for partnering with DrBicuspid to bring these podcasts to our readers on what will be a regular basis moving forward.

In a recent episode, Adrienne and Alan Twigg were joined by Trisha Lincoln to discuss drug testing in the dental practice. With the hiring crisis top of mind for so many dental practices, there are plenty of questions about bringing a new employee on board ... and those questions can include testing to ensure that a potential employee won't cause problems for the practice later.

So can you do preemployment drug screening? Can you randomly drug test your employees? Lincoln and the Twiggs have an educational chat about the do's and don'ts of drug testing, which you can hear by clicking Play below. Lasting just over 18 minutes, the conversation and the knowledge shared in this episode is, I believe, well worth your time.

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