3D printing firm Voodoo launches clear-aligner service

2018 09 25 21 02 5085 Clear Invisible Aligner 400

3D printing firm Voodoo Manufacturing of New York City has begun offering a 3D manufacturing service to supply clear aligners for dental applications.

The company's service uses its proprietary high-resolution 3D technology to create molds with barely visible layer lines, according to the firm. The company's aligners are also traceable, thanks to an alphanumeric code etched by laser on each aligner.

Voodoo's aligners have received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the firm guarantees its distribution partners a turnaround in five business days.

The company is entering the market for dental aligners after acquiring 3D printers and building an automated production line that can produce over 20,000 aligners every month, according to an article in Plastics News.

Voodoo is looking for partners to sell the aligners under their private labels, according to the story, and has already contracted with Smilelove of Draper, UT. The firm and other aligner developers are hoping to take a piece of the multibillion market for dental aligners, currently dominated by Invisalign, according to the story.

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