SipDisc kits promote pediatric oral health

A new group of products created to support good oral hygiene and help prevent tooth decay is being introduced to dental offices nationwide by Benco Dental. The products include two new SipDisc kits for dentists and hygienists to distribute to their pediatric patients. The kits include daily brushing charts designed to encourage children to practice good daily oral hygiene habits.

Each kit features specially designed SipDiscs, lightweight paperboard die-cut disks that fit over juice and soft-drink bottles and cans, and firmly hold drinking straws in the correct position to help prevent tooth decay, erosion, and staining. The key to protecting the teeth from the corrosive effects of soft drinks, fruit juices, and sports drinks is to position the straw near the back of the mouth so the teeth aren't bathed in soda with every sip, according to a company press release.

Benco Dental representatives will introduce the new SipDisc packages to dental offices across the country as part of a "Back to School" program in August and September.

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