Biolux files for new patents for orthodontic phototherapy

Biolux Research has filed two new U.S. patent applications for the use of phototherapy in orthodontics.

The applications relate to innovative methods and apparatuses for the use of light treatment technology in combination with advanced and alternative methods of orthodontic treatment, resulting in improved quality, speed, and control of tooth movement, according to the company.

The proprietary Biolux light treatment technology can be combined with other methods for oral and maxillofacial remodeling, as well as other systemic approaches for increasing bone metabolism or regeneration to achieve a combinative effect to shortening treatment timelines. The technology is noninvasive and infuses light energy directly into the bone tissue, and is compatible with orthodontic brackets, wires, and clear retainers, as well as oral and maxillofacial devices and techniques.

"We continue to focus on developing innovative solutions for orthodontic patients, expanding our intellectual property portfolio, and increasing value for our shareholders," states Kevin Strange, president and CEO of Biolux, in a press release. "There are 2.5 million orthodontic patients per year in North America, with a clear need and desire from both the patient and the orthodontist communities to significantly reduce treatment timelines and improve the quality and control of the procedures."

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