Canadian dentists blame lack of fluoridation for caries spike

Dentists in Alberta, Canada, are reporting a surge in pediatric caries after the city stopped fluoridating its drinking water two years ago.

Sarah Hulland, DDS, head of the Alberta Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, says she has seen an increase in the severity of caries of young patients' teeth during the last two years, according to a story on

She attributes the increase to the city's decision to remove fluoride from the city's drinking water and says that 30% of children 5 years old and younger now have rampant caries.

Other Calgary dentists are seeing the same trend and are calling on city officials to consider restoring fluoride to the city's water.

The city saved about $750,000 a year by ending fluoridation, some of which now goes toward improving dental health for children living in poverty.

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