Lozenge eases dry mouth with polymer and xylitol

Nuvora has introduced Salese, a soft lozenge for dry mouth sufferers that delivers moisture-retaining and bacteria-fighting ingredients for an hour or longer, according to a company press release.

Traditional treatments for dry mouth have included sugar-free gum or candy, frequent sips of water, and oral rinses, as well as taking good care of teeth and gums. The ingredients in conventional mouth rinses, gums, and mints are flushed away too quickly, limiting their effectiveness, the company said.

According to Nuvora, the key to Salese's long-lasting properties is its patented sustained-release technology. A polymer combined with essential oils, xylitol and a moisture-retaining ingredient create an extended contact time in the mouth to fight bacteria and help dry mouth sufferers. Patients simply place Salese in their mouth, without biting or chewing, and let it dissolve for an hour or longer.

Because Salese is a sustained-release product, the active ingredients are delivered efficiently and continuously in small doses -- up to 1,000 times less than conventional mouthwash, the company noted. Salese is sugar and alcohol free, with less than 1 calorie.

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