Dos and don'ts for increasing production

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It all starts with the hygiene appointment

The hygiene appointment is the gateway to additional services. Keeping a full hygiene schedule helps practices to keep growing in any economy. In addition, the hygienist plays a critical role in helping patients make informed decisions about potential treatment.

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Train your hygienists. Your hygienists spend more time with patients on average than anyone else in the practice. Provide thes valuable team members with the training they need to be an excellent source of patient education for all practice services.

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Don't wait to schedule patients. Scheduling all recare patients in advance significantly increases patient retention. Developing effective scheduling scripts that build value for each recare appointment reduces cancellations and no-shows, thus. One way to build greater value for the recare appointment is to remind patients that this is for periodontal maintenance and an oral cancer exam. Emphasizing these additional benefits makes patients fully aware of the importance of the recare appointment.

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