Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Growing your practice

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Targets for growing your practice in 2011

Believe it or not, every practice has the potential to grow dramatically. What's preventing most practices from reaching their full potential is the lack of step-by-step systems with defined targets. Systems -- unless updated or replaced on a regular basis -- become riddled with inefficiencies. When that happens, practices struggle to reach growth targets.

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Promote comprehensive treatment. Approximately 80% of procedures in dental practices are focused on single-tooth treatment. Levin Group recommends a comprehensive treatment target of 55% to 60%. Provide every patient an annual comprehensive Five-Phase Exam that evaluates patients based on their periodontal, tooth, cosmetic, implant, and occlusal factors. This can reveal other procedures that may be necessary for patients to maintain good oral health.

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Don't overlook initial periodontal therapy. Gum disease is rampant. Recent research has linked periodontitis to other systemic issues, including diabetes, pregnancy complications, and cardiovascular disease, among others. The dental office is the first line of defense against gingivitis. Levin Group has found that most practices can dramatically increase initial periodontal therapy due to the high incidence of gingivitis in the general population. By helping your patients improve their periodontal health, your practice is helping them achieve better overall health.

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