Retired dentist invents unique toothpaste for kids

It took him 10 years, but Howard Wright, DMD, an inventor and retired dentist, has finally achieved his goal of creating a toothpaste that changes color as you brush.

Wright Toothpaste's Vortex toothpaste is designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth longer and more vigorously, according to the company.

The toothpaste is dispensed as twin streams of red and blue toothpaste; as the child brushes, the colors mix to form a vivid purple, the company said. To prevent the colors prematurely mixing, the Vortex toothpaste tube has an interior barrier to separate them.

The color change is not a chemical reaction, Dr. Wright explained, but happens through "simple optics."

The product contains no sodium-lauryl-sulfate (SLS), a common foaming agent, because research has shown a link between SLS and canker sores, Dr. Wright said.

Vortex toothpaste retails for $6.95.

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