ND considers midlevel provider bill

North Dakota is considering a bill to study the idea of midlevel providers (MLPs), similar to the dental therapists who are now practicing in Minnesota.

HB1454 has passed both houses of the state Legislature and now needs Gov. Jack Dalrymple's approval, according to a story on Grandforksherald.com.

The bill would authorize a study on the access to dental care, with results to be presented to the Legislature in 2015. A key goal is to examine the use of dental therapists, a concept which is now being considered by other states, including California, New Hampshire, and New Mexico.

Minnesota began licensing MLPs in 2009 and now has about 25 dental therapists, who can perform basic preventive and restorative procedures and primary extractions with the onsite supervision of a dentist.

North Dakota was one of only five states to get an A grade in January from the Pew Center on the States when it comes to providing children with dental sealants.

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