Fla. dentists help young students prepare for test

Florida Dental Association (FDA) member dentists recently helped some 2,500 third-graders prepare for statewide testing by providing materials to educate the children and their families about good dental health habits.

The Florida Dental Health Foundation (FDHF), the charitable arm of the Florida Dental Association, partnered with the state health department and dental program to distribute Florida Comprehensive Assessment Practice (FCAT) materials in several counties that are intended to increase the knowledge of good oral health among Florida's third-grade students and their families, according to a press release.

The FDA helped develop practice materials to prepare students for the reading comprehension, math, and science portions of the FCAT. The booklet, "Know What? We Take Care of Our Teeth," is an approved practice materials module that allows the teacher to prepare students for the test while, students gain knowledge about basic oral healthcare.

State health officials asked the foundation to distribute the materials to 18 schools in several counties. The effort was part of the Surveillance for 3rd Graders project, which assesses the dental status of the state's third-grade students.

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