Blizzident releases 3D printed toothbrush

Blizzident has released a 3D printed toothbrush that can be tailor-made to fit a person's mouth.

To make the brush, dentists take a digital scan of teeth, which is used to find the optimal placement of 600 bristles by simulating biting and chewing movements, according to a story in Business Standard.

The dental scan is used to create a computer-aided design model of the brush that is then converted into a 3D object using stereolithography -- a method in which liquid plastic is created into a shape with an ultraviolet laser. The bristles are then attached to the toothbrush.

The bristles look like normal bristles but are finer and have been tapered to reach under the gum line better, according to the company. To use the toothbrush, the user bites down on it and grinds their teeth for about six seconds.

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