Premier Dental releases new smaller retraction cord

Premier Dental Products has released the Knit-Pak+ size 000.0 impregnated knitted retraction cord, which the company claims is the smallest diameter cord on the market.

The small size is ideal as the first cord in the double-cord technique and is especially useful when packing tight gingival tissue. The impregnated aluminum chloride is a proven safe and effective hemostatic agent.

Knit-Pak+ is a knitted retraction cord manufactured from unique microfibers. The fibers are distinguished by having very low moisture content with high durability and retention properties. These attributes create a retraction cord with superior absorbency and a pliable structure that resists fraying, according to the company. Knit-Pak+ offers exact-dosage medicinal loading (AlCl3•6H2O 0.5 mg ± 0.1 mg/inch), easily packs into sulcus, and will not entangle in burs.

The Knit-Pak+ containers feature a ceramic cutting blade inside the cap that automatically cuts the cord upon closing. The yellow cap identifies the impregnated Knit-Pak+, and a white cap distinguishes the original Knit-Pak nonimpregnated cord. Knit-Pak+ is available in six different sizes that are color-coded for quick and easy identification.

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