Biolase touts Repair Perio clinical results

2020 07 16 16 39 0168 Laser Red Beams 400

Dental laser firm Biolase is highlighting data published on July 2 in the Journal of Periodontology demonstrating that its Repair Perio protocol is more effective for treating periodontitis than conventional procedures, with shorter times and less bruising, swelling, and postoperative bleeding.

The study was conducted at the McGuire Institute, and co-author John Gunsolley, DDS, and colleagues compared Biolase's Repair Perio process with the conventional minimally invasive surgical technique (MIST) treatment for moderate to severe generalized periodontitis. The study included 54 patients from five sites and six periodontists.

"The study unequivocally confirms that patient-reported outcomes were significantly better after laser procedures," Biolase President and CEO Todd Norbe said in a statement. "Using laser technology, periodontitis can now be treated -- with less pain and greater patient acceptance -- by both periodontists and general dentists alike."

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