Woman swallows partial dentures eating holiday pie

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A woman in Glasgow, U.K., accidentally swallowed her partial dentures while eating mince pie, but she is hopeful that she will have a new set of two front bottom teeth in time for Christmas, according to news reports.

Angela McGill, 52, thought on December 3 that she was swallowing a tougher piece of pastry and then began panicking when she realized it was her dentures. McGill likely swallowed the dentures because she had only had them for a few weeks.

She went to the hospital immediately and a radiograph revealed that her two fake teeth attached to a plate were stuck halfway down her throat. Clinicians advised her that trying to retrieve the dentures would be more dangerous than waiting 72 hours for the fake teeth to pass through her digestive system.

McGill passed the dentures and is now waiting to get refitted for a new set. She hopes to get them before the holidays.

The woman was fitted for her first pair of partial dentures in November to replace caps she had been fitted for 40 years ago following a childhood swimming accident. She was about 11 years old when a boy jumped into a pool, knocking her teeth against the edge of the pool.

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