Denture retention system shows promise

A new conical retention system was 100% successful in retaining dentures in a study reported in Quintessence International (June 2010, Vol. 41:6, pp. 489-495).

Researchers at the University of Chieti-Pescara evaluated the Ankylos SynCone system from Dentsply International. They placed 156 implants in 39 patients, immediately loading four interforaminal implants in edentulous mandibles without the use of a bar retainer.

They retained the dentures with prefabricated conical crowns that were inserted into the existing denture base by direct intraoral polymerization immediately after surgery. They supported these dentures on corresponding conical primary implant abutments.

After 30.3 months on average, the cumulative implant survival rate was 98.7% (2 failures), while the prosthesis survival rate was 100%.

From these results, they concluded that this method facilitates secondary splinting of the inserted complete denture. The conical crowns concept offers stable complete denture retention with a reduced denture base, and improved oral hygiene, they said.

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