Dentist forcibly repossesses patient's bridges

It's infuriating when patients don't pay their bills. Sometimes it's so infuriating that you might feel like going to their homes, tying them down, and ripping out their teeth.

A German dentist did just that, according to reports in European newspapers. In the town of Neu-Ulm, the unidentified dentist is under investigation for assault and theft after bursting into his patient's home, tying her hands, and extracting the two bridges he had placed that she had not finished paying for, the papers reported.

They quoted police saying that the dentist first knocked on the door of the 35-year-old woman -- who was also unidentified -- with his dental tools in hand. When she opened the door, he burst in and, without saying a word, tied her hands, the newspapers reported.

After removing the two bridges, the dentist reportedly left as wordlessly as he came. Although the woman's insurance had covered part of the cost of the dental work, the equivalent of $584 was outstanding, the papers said.

"The dentist is being investigated for assault for the way he forced open her mouth, and theft for taking the bridges," said police spokesman Christian Owsinski in an interview with the Local, an English-language German newspaper. "The woman was in pain when she showed up at the station."

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