Komet introduces dentin-preserving bur

On the look-out for tools to ease that drill-and-fill routine? Komet USA has introduced a new bur to its line of ceramic instruments, which the company claims is highly effective for minimally invasive drilling, and preservation of healthy tooth structure.

The company claims these advantages for its new CeraBur K1SM:

  • Its sensitive tactile feeling gives the dentists a good idea of when it’s safe to stop drilling.
  • It eliminates the need for explorers and spoons.
  • Its white working part stands out prominently against the brownish shade of the carious dentin.

"The key to direct restorative dentistry should always be based on maximizing remaining tooth structure," says Chicago dentist Lou Graham, D.D.S., of Chicago in a Komet press release. "Part of this process is knowing when it’s OK to stop drilling and begin restoring. The K1SM compliments this process and gives me the peace of mind that I have removed all the active caries."

The Burs are come in four sizes -- 010, 014, 018 and 023 -- or in a kit. Since the bur is made of ceramic material, it lasts longer, resists corrosion, and is less likely to be affected by disinfection and cleaning, says Komet.

The CeraBur K1SM is being exhibited at the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, currently going on in Atlanta.

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