Komet offers new diamond bur for cutting zirconia crowns

Dentists who place a lot of zirconia (zirconium oxide) crowns in their practice require an instrument that cuts and removes that material efficiently, and Komet USA is now offering just such an instrument, according to the company.

Designed to remove zirconium-oxide restorations, Komet's 4ZR diamond crown cutter allows dentists to feel the impact by removing zirconia crowns fast and efficiently, the company said. Similar to Komet's ZR-Diamonds, the diamond particles on the 4ZR are embedded in a special bonding, leading to improved substance removal and longer service life, according to the company.

The 4ZR.314.012 is designed with a golden, stainless-steel shank and a white band. With a grit size of 125 µm, it is recommended that dentists use the 4ZR at a speed of 160,000 rpm in the red contra-angle because the higher torque is recommended for cutting zirconia.

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