Komet offers larger dentin-preserving bur

Komet USA has introduced a larger version of its CeraBur K1SM ceramic instrument, which is highly effective for minimally invasive drilling and preservation of healthy tooth structure, according to the company.

The new 027 size joins the seven others -- 010, 012, 014, 016, 018, 021, and 023 for right angle shank (204 and 205) -- currently available in the U.S. market.

The CeraBur K1SM allows for superior tactile feeling and informs the operator when it is safe to stop drilling, according to Komet. It is recommended to be used at 1,500 rpm during slow-speed excavation.

The CeraBur K1SM's white working part also stands out better against the brownish shade of carious dentin than a carbide instrument. It has a longer life, resists corrosion, and is less likely to be affected by disinfection and the cleaning process because it is ceramic, the company noted. Nylon brushes are recommended for cleaning because metal brushes may leave metallic residues on the ceramic material.

The instrument is also available in Kits 4547.RA or 4547.RASL; however, the 027 size is not currently available for the right angle long shank.

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