Roland expands dental milling line

Roland DGA has expanded its line of dental milling machines with the addition of the DWX-50.

The DWX-50 is a five-axis production tool for creating dental prosthetics, including copings, crowns, full bridges, and abutments using zirconia,wax, and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA).

The DWX-50 features five-axis simultaneous machining capability and a five-station automatic tool changer with tool length sensor. The milling machine is also equipped with a virtual panel for easy desktop operation and a diagnostic notification system that alerts the operator of system errors or job completion, the company said.

Other key features include an integrated air blower system along with a built-in dust collection tray that can be connected to any lab vacuum system.

The DWX-50 supports a range of software and tools, and is built on open technology, allowing for easy integration with any commercially available dental prosthetic production system, according to Roland. Additionally, the DWX-50 offers multicast capability, making it possible to connect up to four machines to one computer.

"Until now, investing in advanced dental milling technology has been cost-prohibitive for many labs and technicians," said Pedro Gonzalez, Roland product manager for 3D milling and scanning products, in a press release. "The DWX-50 is powerful yet affordable, making it easy for professionals to add a state-of-the-art five-axis mill to their lab."

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