Vident updates the Vita Classical shade guide

2011 02 15 17 43 16 290 Vident Vita Classical Shade Guide

The Vita Classical shade guide from Vident now includes new features for long-term, ideal shade matching, the company announced.

The new holder is made with a stronger material that allows the entire guide (holder and tabs) to be autoclaved for optimum sterilization. Dental offices will no longer have to bag the tabs separately and reassemble them into the holder once they come out of the autoclave, the company said, and surface alterations and shade changes caused by the use of disinfectants are no longer a problem.

For ease of use, the imprint of the shade number was made larger, while the metal tab was made wider for greater retention into the slots of the holder. The backing on the guide is now sonic-welded to ensure a stronger, more durable holder.

2011 02 15 17 43 16 290 Vident Vita Classical Shade Guide
The new Vita Classical shade guide. Image courtesy of Vident.

To provide a solution for more consistent tension, the new Vita Classical shade guide also features the same tension along the length of the guide, giving the end user a common feel of fit when pulling the tabs in and out.

"Many dental professionals have had the same Vita Classical shade guide since dental school," said Janet Siwinski, Vident clinical marketing manager. "Over time, the shades may change due to surface alterations and affect the visual appearance of the tab. To remedy that issue, Vita improved the product to make the entire guide fully autoclavable, and added some convenience features as well."

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