Pano-Vac adds dental retractor/aspirator

Pano-Vac Surgical Instruments has expanded its dental product line with the RetractorPlus and AspiratorPlus.

The Pano-Vac retractor/aspirator, designed and patented by Hajarian MD, DDS, eliminates the need for additional suction devices during operations in which retraction and suction are required, according to the company.

The Pano-Vac instruments have combined retraction and aspiration with a suction tip that provides a wider range of evacuation to clear up the surgical field faster without creating trauma to the surrounding tissues.

The AspiratorPlus is designed for dentistry and oral surgery, and is made of medical-grade polymer plastic. The spatula tip design can be used as tongue depressor and also a lip and cheek retractor. The RetractorPlus is made of medical-grade stainless steel and is reusable and sterilizable.

Pano-Vac products are sold directly online. OEMs may work with the company on custom designs and configurations.

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