Straumann wins injunction against implant competitor

Straumann has won a legal battle against a competing implant manufacturer that claimed its dental implants had a hydrophilic surface.

A German court has ruled definitively that Medentis Medical must retract the claim that its ICX-templant implant is hydrophilic, Straumann noted in a press release.

Medentis initially contested the injunction, but the court found the company's supporting evidence to be unconvincing.

The court's ruling was prompted by Straumann, which manufactures hydrophilic implants. Straumann tested the ICX-templant in its own laboratories, and found that the Medentis product is in fact hydrophobic (its contact angle is greater than 90°). The hydrophilic properties of Straumann's SLActive technology enhance osseointegration and therefore shorten healing times compared with those without hydrophilicity, the company noted.

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