NSK releases 45° air-driven handpiece

NSK Dental has launched its Ti-Max X450 line of 45° air-driven handpieces that deliver 21 watts of power.

The Ti-Max X450 series is available in nine models. Seven are optic versions featuring NSK, KaVo, W&H RA, Midwest, Star, Fixed Back, and W&H RQ couplers, while two are nonoptic versions featuring NSK and Fixed Back couplers. The model featuring the W&H RQ coupler incorporates LED lighting in the handpiece. All nine models have the same head size, three water jets ports, a titanium body, and a two-year warranty.

Since titanium is 30% lighter yet more durable than stainless steel, Ti-Max X450 handpieces weigh less than steel-body handpieces, according to the company.

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