Lifetime's cosmetic dentistry show airs throughout June

Lifetime's new reality show, "Smile," which premiered on May 28 and focuses on changing the lives of people with severe aesthetic dental problems, will continue airing on Thursday nights in June at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

During the show, dentists from across the U.S. work with 12 patients who struggle because of pain and embarrassment from their teeth.

"Not only do bad teeth lower your self-confidence, but they can also affect your social life, job success, general health, and overall happiness," stated Kimberly Knopf, DDS, who was featured on the June 4 episode, in a press release.

Dentists help the patients change their smile by doing everything form placing dental implants and porcelain veneers to performing periodontal grafts and basic orthodontics.

Nicolas Ravon, DDS, who also was featured on the June 4 episode, stated, "By restoring their teeth, we empower the people hidden behind the smile."

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