MIS Implants, NBMolecules sign SurfLink licensing deal

MIS Implants Technologies (MIS) has concluded a license and supply agreement for the SurfLink advanced surface treatment technology, manufactured by Nano Bridging Molecules (NBMolecules).

The agreement gives MIS the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell its titanium-based dental implants with the SurfLink surface.

"We are very proud of this commercial agreement with MIS, which will allow patients to benefit from the unique combination of a leading-quality dental implant and a unique biomimicking surface" stated Bjorn-Owe Aronsson, executive director and founder of NBMolecules, in a press release.

SurfLink consists of a permanently bound layer of phosphorous-rich molecules, which is applied to the implant surface to enhance osseointegration. The surface is seen as bone-like by the body, according to the company.

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