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DrBicuspid.com is pleased to honor the winners of the Dental Excellence Awards, highlighting the best new products and services in dentistry.

Voted on exclusively by DrBicuspid.com readers, the awards showcase those products and services that dentists and dental team members have chosen to provide better patient care and greater practice efficiency. Nominees in the 10 categories were introduced to the U.S. market between October 1, 2016, and October 1, 2017.

Awards will be presented at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting on February 23. Follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more on the Dental Excellence Awards presentations.

Best New CAD/CAM Product

Dentsply Sirona's InCoris CCB sintered metal disk was voted the Best New CAD/CAM Product. This disk is based on a cobalt-chrome alloy, which means it can be used with most restorations. It is easy to clean and offers homogeneous material quality with uniform shrinkage without deformations or inclusions.

MI Paste One toothpaste. Image courtesy of GC America.MI Paste One toothpaste. Image courtesy of GC America.

Best New Consumer Product

GC America's MI Paste One toothpaste was honored as Best New Consumer Product in reader voting.

The toothpaste offers a new way to treat tooth hypersensitivity while preventing caries and white-spot lesions.

The product combines toothpaste and the company's MI Paste Plus product. The mint-flavored toothpaste contains fluoride and can aid in tooth remineralization and limiting erosion and wear.

Best New Dental Equipment Product

The Waterlase Express laser. Image courtesy of Biolase.The Waterlase Express laser. Image courtesy of Biolase.

Biolase's Waterlase Express laser was named Best New Dental Equipment Product.

The device includes the company's familiar tablet-based interface along with clinical workflows for more than 80 clinical procedures, procedure presets, and one-slider cutting adjustment control. The laser is half the size of the company's previous laser and includes step-by-step protocols for periodontal, pediatric, and implant procedures.

If a dentist has questions about the laser, it can be connected to the office's Wi-Fi network for one-touch access to Biolase's customer care center.

Best New Dental Instrument

The Hu-Friedy line of Titanium Implant scalers received the most votes in the Best New Dental Instrument category.

The scalers are made from the same titanium alloy as implants and abutments, and they are designed for implant maintenance, debridement, and biofilm removal. The instruments feature the company's Ergo handle for improved tactile grip and support. The device can also be sharpened at any time, increasing its useful life.

Best New Diagnostic/Imaging Device

The wireless Trios 3. Image courtesy of 3Shape.The wireless Trios 3. Image courtesy of 3Shape.

3Shape took home the Best New Diagnostic/Imaging Device award with its Trios 3 wireless intraoral scanner.

The device is a wireless version of the company's Trios 3 scanner. This scanner offers realistic color scans to build treatment acceptance and improve patient communication. It also comes with a built-in battery exchange and three batteries, making it easy to switch between batteries to keep the device powered.

Best New Endodontic Product

Dentsply Sirona took a second Dental Excellence Award in the Best New Endodontic Product category for its WaveOne Gold Glider file.

The file, designed in collaboration with endodontic practitioners, combines the simplicity of a one-file shaping system with higher flexibility and resistance. The file comes sterile and ready for single use. The device is exclusively for use in reciprocating motion with Dentsply Sirona motors.

Best New Preventive/Hygienist Product

Young Dental's new fluoride varnish product, the Varnish Pen, captured the Best New Preventive/Hygienist Product award.

The pen is an all-in-one varnish delivery system that contains a single dose of 5% sodium fluoride varnish made with xylitol. The no-mix varnish formula is delivered directly from the applicator to the teeth and comes in multiple flavors.

The Varnish Pen. Image courtesy of Young Dental.The Varnish Pen. Image courtesy of Young Dental.

Best New Restorative Material

Filtek One from 3M.Filtek One from 3M.

3M's Filtek One composite was awarded the Dental Excellence Award in the Best New Restorative Material category.

The material was created especially for posterior restorations and is manufactured to give practitioners up to 5 mm of depth with excellent aesthetics. The company also increased the product's opacity while not altering its depth of cure.

Best New/Updated Software/Service

Dentsply Sirona's third Dental Excellence Award came in the Best New/Updated Software/Service category, where its Cerec SW 4.5 software took top honors.

Designed for restoration treatment planning, the software offers realistic visualizations to increase patient treatment acceptance. It is user-friendly and reduces the number of steps needed for treatment planning, according to Dentsply Sirona.

Best New Pain Management/Anesthesic Product

Unfortunately, St. Renatus, whose Kovanaze needle-free regional anesthetic nasal spray won the award in the Best New Pain Management/Anesthetic Product category, will not be in attendance at the 2018 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

The company's product allows dental anesthesia to be administered through a nasal spray, according to the company. The product is indicated for regional anesthesia when performing a restorative procedure on teeth #4 through #13 and teeth #A through #J in adults and children weighing more than 40 kg.

The Dental Excellence Awards are selected by the readers of DrBicuspid.com. No fee or other consideration was paid for inclusion in the voting process or for winning.

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