Podcast: What you need to know about anticoagulants, changes to them, and COVID-19

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Anticoagulants are a not-so-new topic that is indeed new again, according to Tom Viola, RPh.

In the podcast below, Viola explains that practitioners of a certain age remember when there was one main choice when it came to an anticoagulant. However, within the past decade, a flurry of new anticoagulants have come on the market and are coming into greater focus with the onset of COVID-19. The use of those anticoagulants is increasing positive outcomes for those patients dealing with COVID-19, he says.

What was the need for more anticoagulants? What's the relationship between them and COVID-19? Viola and I discuss this and more in the latest episode of the Dental Assistant Nation podcast, which you can access below. The episode is just under 12 minutes in length, making it an easy listen in your downtime or during your morning huddle.

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