American Tooth Industries founder dies

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The founder of American Tooth Industries, Bruno Pozzi, has died at the age of 82.

Pozzi started the firm, originally called Bruno Pozzi Dental Products, in 1971 in Los Angeles. In 1975, the firm moved to Oxnard, CA, and it incorporated under the new name American Tooth Industries in 1985.

American Tooth Industries produces abrasives, stainless steel crowns, specialty wires, and other specialty dental items. In 2008, management of the company was transferred to Pozzi's son, Emilio Pozzi.

Pozzi was a member of the Dental Manufacturers of America and later of the Dental Trade Alliance. From 1985 until his retirement, he was the editor in chief of the American Tooth Industries' Tooth Express News and Ortho News, publications that promoted new technologies as well as time- and money-saving techniques for dentists and laboratories.

He was born in Florence, Italy, and worked as a banker and certified public accountant. When he emigrated to the U.S., he became a manufacturer, inventor, salesman, and writer.

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