BurtonBands debuts new VursaWedge sizes, design

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BurtonBands has released two new sizes of VursaWedge for class II restorations, as well as a new design made for challenging furcation cases.

VursaWedge now comes in medium and large sizes, BurtonBands said. The company also introduced Anatomical VursaWedge, which has a unique convex contour to assist with tough furcation cases.

VursaWedge has a proprietary split wedge design and helps solve class II restoration inefficiencies, including gingival seal and matrix contour problems. The new products are available now, according to the company.

BurtonBands' VursaWedge. Image courtesy of Young Specialties.BurtonBands' VursaWedge. Image courtesy of Young Specialties.
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