Ultradent launches new LED curing light

2022 09 28 16 50 9018 2022 09 28 Ultradent Valotm X 400

Dental material and equipment manufacturer Ultradent Products has launched the new broadband LED curing light, Valo X.

Milled from a single bar of aerospace-grade aluminum, the light has a larger 12.5-mm lens and a custom LED chip. The light is equipped with standard and extra power modes, diagnostic black-light and white-light modes, and clinicians have the option of using the light either with a cord or cordless.

Its one-button activation features a user interface with an accelerometer, which allows for easy cycling between the power and diagnostic modes. Finally, the light comes with five accessory lenses.

The Valo X curing light. Image courtesy of Ultradent.The Valo X curing light. Image courtesy of Ultradent.
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