Planmeca launches plethora of products at IDS

Planmeca is likely to attract the attention of visitors to the International Dental Show (IDS) this week in Cologne, Germany, with the introduction of several new imaging products and services.

The new Planmeca Romexis Cloud is an image transfer service designed to enable dental professionals to send 2D or 3D patient images and documents to one another via a Planmeca Romexis Cloud subscription. Information is securely transferred into the cloud, and recipients are automatically notified of new cases requiring their attention, according to the company. Recipients can download and view images at no cost using Planmeca Romexis or its free viewer version.

Planmeca has also expanded its ProMax 3D x-ray family with the ProMax 3D Plus. The Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus provides a selection of 3D volume sizes (34 x 42 mm to 140 x 90 mm) in addition to traditional 2D panoramic, extraoral bitewing, and cephalometric imaging, according to the company. The new unit also offers a combination of three types of 3D data: The user can acquire a patient cone-beam CT image, 3D face photo, and 3D model scan, which are combined in one software suite. In addition, with Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus, the standard panoramic imaging program is optimized to expose only the tooth area, which reduces patient dose.

Also new from Planmeca is the ProCeph, a one-shot cephalostat designed to work with the company's ProMax 2D and 3D units. With its short exposure time and low patient dose, the system yields high-quality cephalometric images with no motion artifacts and sizes ranging from 18 x 25 cm to 30 x 25 cm, according to the company.

Finally, for orthodontists and dental labs, Planmeca is offering the Planmeca Romexis 3D Ortho Studio module, designed for examination and analysis of digital dental models scanned with Planmeca ProMax 3D x-ray units and for planning orthodontic treatments in 3D. Dental impressions and plaster casts scanned with the ProMax 3D model scanning mode can be studied and analyzed in the 3D Ortho Studio module, which features all tools for virtual base creation, occlusion examination, and versatile teeth and arch measurements.

In addition, a staged treatment plan can be established in Planmeca Romexis 3D Ortho Studio by displacing the teeth in a virtual tooth setup while visualizing intersections and contacts. 3D Ortho Studio then generates a sequence of digital dental models for each stage of the treatment that can be exported in stereolithography (STL) format for 3D printing, custom appliance design, and manufacturing.

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