S-Ray brands dental ultrasound products

S-Ray has finalized the branding for a new suite of ultrasound-based imaging technologies it is developing for dental applications, called ClearScan and ClearView.

ClearScan is an applicator designed for use by dental professionals to image a patient's teeth using ultrasound technology. The product takes about a minute to create a data profile of a patient's dental structures.

ClearView is software designed for use with ClearScan that takes ultrasound data and reconstructs it into high-resolution digital 3D images that are available in seconds on a chairside monitor. The images can show cracks and caries, even below the gumline, as well as soft tissues. ClearView images can even be manipulated through rotating, zooming, and repositioning.

S-Ray is highlighting the fact that ClearScan and ClearView function without the use of radiation.

The company is also developing a variety of apps under the ClearView system for performing tasks such as periodontal pocket charting, 3D caries mapping, crack detection, and digital impressions.

S-Ray is awaiting U.S. Food and Drug Admininstration clearance for the products, which are not yet available on the U.S. market.

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