J. Morita partners with Digital Office for 3D imaging

J. Morita USA has partnered with endodontic practice management software firm The Digital Office (TDO) for Endodontists to distribute 3D imaging and integrate software. The joint venture will allow TDO users to incorporate any Morita 3D unit into their practice with full compatibility.

Morita's i-Dixel software, standard with all Morita 3D units, has been programmed for a direct connection to the TDO environment. TDO users can choose from a range of 3D models from three J. Morita product lines: Veraviewepocs 3D, Veraviewepocs 3De, and 3D Accuitomo.

All units come standard with i-Dixel software and now feature complete, automatic TDO integration. Patient files are integrated, allowing for easy access between programs in one window to maximize productivity, according to the companies. Selected slice images can be transferred to TDO with a single click of the export icon. The interlinked system eliminates the need for duplicate files, simplifies data entry, and reduces training time, the companies noted.

Morita's endodontic product line features apex locator Root ZX.

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