Biomet 3i, Sirona target custom abutments

Biomet 3i is collaborating with Sirona Dental Systems to offer its BellaTek Encode impression system with Sirona's Cerec intraoral scanner to create intraoral impressions for custom abutments.

Utilizing these combined technologies, clinicians will now be able to take a digital impression of a healing abutment with the use of an intraoral device that will scan embedded codes on the occlusal surface of the abutment, the surrounding soft tissue, and adjacent dentition, according to the companies. These codes provide the necessary information to design and mill the definitive abutment.

The process is handled supragingivally by utilizing the BellaTek Encode impression system, so that no removal of the healing abutment is required to create the scan, according to Biomet 3i.

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