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The X-ray is one of the most potent diagnostic tools in the dentist's arsenal. Yet over time, it's easy to get sloppy, to repeat mistakes, and overall, take lousy radiographs.

By the same token, it's easy to ignore new (and admittedly expensive) radiology tools that could improve diagnoses, expose patients to less radiation, and ultimately, fatten your bottom line. I refer, of course, to dumping your film-based setup and moving to digital.

Granted, taking better X-rays -- and upgrading your setup to digital -- means breaking old habits, mastering new hardware and software, and digging into your wallet. But the payoffs for your practice can be huge.

How huge? Check out "Picture Perfect X-rays," which features pinpoint, real-world advice on sharpening your radiographic skills from the top pros at Indiana University. Ready to get digital? We've culled advice from a number of radiology mavens on when to take the leap, the costs involved, how to buy, and more. Check out "Making the leap to digital X-ray" here.

New and improved imaging community

Why the emphasis on radiology stories this week? We've launched a revamped and expanded Imaging community, that has a new look and a lot more coverage. (To see the Imaging community's new home page, click here.)

The community features a wealth of stories -- features, clinical briefs, and news -- covering X-ray, CBCT, 3D, digital photography and video, ultrasound, and other imaging technology. There's also relevant conference listings, and coming soon, links to useful dental imaging resources.

You'll find new stories in the Imaging community every week, so make it a regular stop in your Web travels.

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