Imaging system improves x-rays for dental claims

2010 03 03 13 50 12 817 Pr Rapid Review 150

P&R Dental Strategies has introduced an imaging system that improves the quality of dental x-rays submitted as part of an insurance claim, according to the company.

Current available scanners and systems do not have the diagnostic quality required by P&R -- a third-party reviewer of dental insurance claims -- to make definitive clinical determinations, Dianne Rose, D.D.S., and principal of the company, said in a press release. So P&R built its own system for digitizing x-ray images: the Rapid Review imaging system.

Rapid Review is both a hardware and software system, with a specially designed camera and light table to collect the images for enhancement. The user simply puts any x-ray on the light table and clicks to capture the image. The system's proprietary software analyzes the target image to determining optimal camera and lens settings for the image, then uses nonlinear algorithms to transform the image and produce a crisp, clear translation, according to P&R.

2010 03 03 13 50 12 817 Pr Rapid Review 150
The Rapid Review imaging system by P&R Dental Strategies.
Other features of the Rapid Review imaging system include:

  • A preview window to let the operator see the captured image immediately
  • Ability to translate any size x-ray, mounted or unmounted, and capture names and dates on x-ray mounts and envelopes
  • Ability to digitize photos and paper documents in color or black and white
  • A barcode scanning feature for faster processing
  • Ability to store multiple x-rays in one file or multiple files, and store them locally or over a LAN
  • Customizable and autoincremental file name conventions when capturing multiple files within a claim

Batch processing support is available. P&R also offers offsite archiving of client files with Web-based on-demand access, fully HIPAA-compliant.

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