FDA enforces kids' x-ray safety; Botox helps treat bruxism

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today issued a draft guidance to encourage manufacturers of x-ray imaging devices to put more emphasis on the safety of children when designing new equipment.

The agency is also recommending that manufacturers who do not adequately demonstrate that their new x-ray imaging devices are safe and effective for pediatric patients include a label on the devices cautioning against using them on these patients.

In other news, two studies presented at the recent American Academy of Neurology annual meeting are being hailed as verification of the benefits of Botox for dental-related applications. The studies found that Botox injections can provide relief to patients who suffer from nighttime bruxism. Is it time to consider adding this treatment option to your practice? Read more in this latest Cosmetics Community feature.

Meanwhile, over in the Practice Management Community, a dentist in South Lake Tahoe, CA, has developed a program that is helping low-income families in the area gain access to basic dental services. Founded in December 2010 by Dr. Mireya Ortega, Young Tahoe Smiles has already provided more than two dozen patients between the ages of six and 16 with thousands of dollars in free care. Now Dr. Ortega wants to help uninsured kids in other communities, too. Click here to read how you can help.

Finally, a dentist, an oral surgeon, and an oncologist in Texas are taking a team approach to oral cancer awareness in their communities by partnering with the Texas Academy of General Dentistry's Jack T. Clark Foundation. And by all accounts, the collaboration has been a success. Read more.

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