TigerView puts dental x-ray storage on the cloud

The Dentisoft Office Cloud practice management and clinical record-keeping system now features TigerView Cloud for online x-ray storage and retrieval.

Dentisoft has been waiting for cloud solutions to progress to the point where x-rays could be displayed on tablets and computers without the latency issues that have plagued the industry for years, and TigerView does just that, according to the company.

With TigerView, a patient record in Dentisoft Office Cloud can now be associated with an x-ray image, presenting a completely cloud-based system for record sharing and backup. A dentist can walk around his or her office with tablet in hand and be connected to all patient records and images.

TigerView is also DICOM-compliant and capable of supporting almost all dental image sensors, noted Televere Systems, makers of TigerView.

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