Keystone Dental launches new implant system

Dental Implants

Keystone Dental has launched the Genesis Active implant system, a surgical solution for implant placement and restoration.

The system offers one connection, three emergence profiles, and multiple restorative platforms thereby facilitating aesthetic restorations that follow the natural tooth contour.

It includes the following features:

  • AnaTite, a gradual pink anodization process on the coronal aspect that is designed to emulate the hue of natural soft tissue

  • BioSpark, a surface treatment covering the remainder of the implant body, that mimics natural bone and promotes bone growth and osseointegration

  • Digital guidance sleeve, which allows a Genesis Active implant to be placed by engaging the handpiece

  • A conical implant connection

  • Multiunit and ElliptiBase abutments

  • SelectGrip, a new abutment surface that aims to improve restorative adhesion to a final prosthetic
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