Video from ADA 2019: Dr. Martin Jablow on AI in dentistry

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in the dental practice may seem far-fetched, but it's already here, according to dental technology expert Martin Jablow, DMD. Dr. Jablow spoke about AIā€™s past, present, and future at the recent 2019 ADA FDI World Congress in San Francisco.

"It's not the movies," Dr. Jablow told "It's not 'Westworld.' It's not 'Minority Report' or anything like that. It's taking datasets, building on those datasets, and making things happen for us for the benefit of our patients, our offices, and dentistry in general."

Today's AI can help schedule emails to patients or filter out unhelpful images from an intraoral scan, Dr. Jablow explained. However, in the future, the technology may seamlessly bridge patients' home and practice experiences in ways that humans aren't capable of replicating.

Learn more about Dr. Jablow's thoughts on AI and the future of dentistry in the video below.

Martin Jablow, DMD, on the future of AI in dentistry.

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