Man swallows object, sues dentist

A Massachusetts man has filed a half a million dollar lawsuit against a Peabody dentist who allegedly dropped a foreign object into the man's throat, eventually puncturing the man's bowel, according to a news story in The Daily Item.

Stephen James of Hamilton went to Dr. Priti Amlani in Sept. 2008 for restorative work and filed the class action lawsuit in Salem Superior Court on Wednesday, according to the story.

James said he felt something fall on his tongue while he was numb with anesthetic making him gag and cough during the procedure. The lawsuit alleges that a two-inch foreign object fell into the oral cavity during the procedure, which lodged in his lower intestine and injured his bowel. “The three-count lawsuit accuses Dr. Amlani of failing to utilize a rubber drape to prevent ingestions, negligence of care for failing to advise James he had ingested part of the molding or a dental tool and denying it occurred, causing deceptive, misleading and unfair practice,” concludes the story.

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